Open letter to my pals sister turning 13 today

So this ever witty cheecky and cunning pal of mine approached me for advice today.Knowing her usual character I knew this was something ….Clare asking for advice today??I knew the heavens were opening up for big rain because  Clare’s motto in life is YOLO.…For starters,YOLO means ‘You Only Live Once’.
To cut short the story its Clare’s younger sisters birthday today.She is turning the year that marks the beginning of turbulence for as long as teenage is involved. ThirTEEN!!!.Knowing Clare and pieces of advice I clearly understand why she had to delegate the duty of teen counselling her sister to someone else. She picked on me..not because I’m the one whose blood plasma reads purity as it flows on my veins,but because I’m the most sane of our crews.You know the silent watch at a distance type of person??? Well you catch the drift.

So sweet young Liz,this is my birthday present to you. An open letter to you and fellow youngsters who are approaching teen world. First lemme inform you that from today henceforth you have entered a territory of war. A war within…. A rage within you ..scientists call it hormonal imbalance in teens but I call it self rage..This is when you experience twenty minutes in a clean two minute period.. You feel sad,happy,fearful all at once..Your moods swing more like a pendulum. Lemme tell you young one ,,,,,no matter your mood swing remember to respect each and everyone darling.
This is also the time you will find your pals to be the official law makers …They will lure you to all manner of things ..alcohol just to mention the most lenient…Just remember as you ‘explore’ life and ‘live life’ as its called you don’t want to land in rehabilitation centre for drug addiction. You have a future bigger than teen drug turbulence..
This is the period you will notice all the species of mars otherwise called men.You will feel like God just handed you extra eyes to see all the ‘hot dudes’ around.You will feel too.. Some love others I can’t judge..You will rate yourself.. However, no matter how you have feelings remember to carry your brain hand in hand with your heart..
step by step…Of cos its my prayer you get real love..The lucky few have it in teen years ..its my prayer you fall in the bracket..
Liz,there are things called friends and foes..Friends require prayers and effort to keep.. and luck too!!These are the ones who will help you see the bad in the bad and the good in the good..They will help you know a niggar out there to take advantage of you and a gentleman with your best interests at heart.They will help you know that coca is just not any white stuff for feeling high but also a path to the lost and miserable. Foes on the other hand,will lead you to the wolves.They will laugh at your landing in Devil’s Cave and toast to your failures. They will pretend to be happy at your success while at your back they are planning to destroy you.. faster than our dear government will deliver their laptop promise to young ones instead of teargassing them..You see Liz,the world offers more foes than friends.Its not a cause for worry though,… the Good Lord will sieve for you wheat from the chaff…Just pray ..It has worked for others ,,it will work for you too.
Well now my well of counselling is running dry but teen is not all about hacking and dealing with everything.. Have life my dear..
enjoy the passions of youth with caution… Invest in your energies in all good and legal ways possible.. One day you will reap your fruits..Help others every day every one every minute..Keep God close by..He’s ever there me on that.

Lemme conclude by shouting out to all new teenagers..I welcome you to this planet…our planet..different from the one our parents things..all marked with the prefix ‘cool’.But remember this whatever you do will be repayed tenfold.



Not everything is fashion

So today I have decided to talk about this fashion spell that befalls youths generation to generation. The fashion spell is the sagging of trousers especially among young men.

I came across this dude in the local  supermarket with sagging trousers. I can bet my life on the fact that he thought he looked like Brad Pitt of my neighborhood with the way he was walking..they call it swag I guess.. Well for me the dude was from a circumcision ceremony and the ‘ cut’ could not allow him to walk properly.


That above was the only logical conclusion of his dressing disaster.
So today I beg no beseech is best for y,’,all who think sagging makes you cool dear ones you look like an idiot straight from ‘Idiot Land’.