Not everything is fashion

So today I have decided to talk about this fashion spell that befalls youths generation to generation. The fashion spell is the sagging of trousers especially among young men.

I came across this dude in the local  supermarket with sagging trousers. I can bet my life on the fact that he thought he looked like Brad Pitt of my neighborhood with the way he was walking..they call it swag I guess.. Well for me the dude was from a circumcision ceremony and the ‘ cut’ could not allow him to walk properly.


That above was the only logical conclusion of his dressing disaster.
So today I beg no beseech is best for y,’,all who think sagging makes you cool dear ones you look like an idiot straight from ‘Idiot Land’.


5 thoughts on “Not everything is fashion

  1. if men keep on sagging does this mean the ladies can pull their blouses up coz for as far as I am concerned that’s for petulant adolescents


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