This man, Dr. Mutunga


Jauary 21,2015. I am also doubting this statistic. That date is neither a court date or anything special…It is just the date when I last penned an artice here on WordPress, precisely. Therefore, dear WordPress, I am taking this chance to apologize for my absence. I know what you are thinking: that I am that an unpredictable and cautious lover. Yes that is true….I took time to measure up whether you served my interests as well..the usual ones you are the reader statistics in tandem with my efforts on you? I also wish to apologize for being unfaithful to you WordPress…I am sorry…I jumped boat a couple of times to other sites that sounded Blogger.. and set camp there…you know the grass is always greener on the other side..Right? However,I have not sired any children on those other sites…so I am you..for good..for better for worse..with or witout readers…That I promise….Now Dear WordPress, in the course of my dilly dallying, I suffered something that was like…mmmmm..a block,,a writers block they say…Im still recovering ,,,that is why this post today is political…well yes, because I am not yet creative enough and yes beacause as a Kenyan I want to pay tribute to a great man retiring today….Lets start!

Now sometimes not so long ago,before I knew you WordPress…it was just a chilly night,,when I turned on the television to find a rather intriguing discusion..The man at the centre of the heated debate then was Dr. Willy Mutunga, a candidate at the post of the Chief Justice of Kenya. What was however disturbing was that the discussion was not based on his merits but rather on his fashion sense-a stud that he wore on his ear. Y’all be wondering why exactly Im writing about a public figure in a little known blog that no one cares to read. Im writing this beacause a man of great honour has retired from the high echelons of judicial power. What’s more…he retired a year earlier..Reason? ati to pave way for a smoother transition because of the upcomimg heated mix of the National General Elections in 2017. How Noble!
That aside I think that Mutunga serves as a great lesson to all current and aspiring civil sevants in all quadrants of the service sectors….Getting into office and coming out without a record of emblezzlement of funds is doing the citizens a favor- I mean-look at our honourables who are the high priests of impunity in the altar of hate speech and wrong mobilization of the youth offering sacrifices of the county’s gain and prosperity….that not stealing even a single shilling in the public service is a norm we should practice is a lesson Mutunga has taught us. By the way..I was thinking,,,Maybe we could be like China where the corrupt are punished by death..What do you think dear Kenyans?
Mutunga’s defense in what he believes in through his charismatic personality is something we could learn.,,,Im not saying of when he said he would rather keep his stud and we as Kenyans keep the job..and because we were on the loosing end we gave the man the job,,Im speaking about his ability to keep the judiciary from the interference of the other arms of the government….Justice was also served during his tenure because of his increased efforts to claer the backlog of cases as well as making his office much available…Now this article will not befit the honour of stating all the accomplishments of such as a maestro but rather to mention that he is acknowledged. His merits such as his service to the civil society, and how he left a high paying job at the Ford Foundation to serve us and other analytics I will leave to the post graduate columnists and political experts to explain further…You know the ones whose articles are read with an Oxford dictionary nearby? and they all wear the same type of spectacles? Yea..those ones…
I just wrote this article to prove that we as the youth of this nation, Kenya, are watching closely and taking note about how you the older ones, are running this country. I know this sounds so serious for a mere college student who should be at most wondering about how to purchase that Infinix phone or why exactly Instagram should stop playing hard to get asking for too much sign in passwords …I stuff…Maybe the next time I will jump into the clinche bandwagon and write about things that require less demenour like this new Sponsors menace in town….By the way Daktari,,you should have jailed these Sponsor things today as your way of dropping the retirement mic….Lastly Dear Mutunga,,Please continue serving Kenyans in any capacity…Asante Sana

Oooh WordPress…I am back baby,,,for good this time round…


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